Our work with schools

MyTuition collaborates with schools to run tailored programmes to support students and help them prepare for their exams.

What we offer

After School Weekly Workshops

We offer weekly after-school workshops for your students. These workshops supplement what is taught in schools and recap difficult topics, give students opportunities engage, and work through challenging questions with experienced tutors.

Key details:

  • Up to 8 students per class to allow each student to get more attention from their tutors
  • 1 to 1.5 hour lessons, running weekly throughout the year
  • Lessons taking place at the school for easy access

We know each school is different - we’re happy to discuss changes or additional requirements.

Exam Revision Programs

We also offer an Exam Revision Program in the leadup to exams.

Our program provides students with a full walk-through of their entire exam syllabus over 2-3 intense days, and is run in small groups. Our tutors work to make sure that the speed of content delivery is comfortable for each student, teaching in an interactive way that encourages questions and discussions.

Each course will:

  • Revising all the relevant content of a subject
  • Small, interactive class with activities (capped at 10 students)
  • Step by step walk-through of exam type questions
  • A comprehensive Exam Revision Resource Booklet to take home

Case study: Our Past Work With Schools

How our Exam Revision Programme started

As exam season was approaching in 2018, we noticed once again that many of our students were struggling to prepare well for exams, despite doing well through the year. They weren’t sure how to study, lacked confidence in their skills, and didn’t know what their revision should focus on. Exams were coming and it was just too much to know where to start.

As a tutoring company that's helped over 5000 Kiwi students, we knew that we could do something really special to help. We worked with our most experienced tutors to create a program that would help students feel confident in their exams, and help them get the results they wanted.

We approached a number of high schools to explain what problem we were trying to solve, and share what we had created. We had a fantastic response, and we ultimately chose to work with four schools as part of our pilot.

Each school had different needs that we took into account when working with them.

For example, Macleans College wanted us to focus on helping their students achieve highly. This programme was a way to provide more support for their students, to help achieve that extra level of success.

With Mount Roskill Grammar School, the goal was to make the programme more accessible to students in need, their "priority learners". Many of these students came from refugee or disadvantaged backgrounds, and were struggling to pass. We teamed with them to enable affordable pricing and to make sure we focused the courses in the right areas.

How it came together

The programme was run during the two weeks holiday between Term 3 and 4, and was held on school grounds. We worked with schools beforehand make sure we had everything we need to plan the logistics, and make sure the days ran smoothly.

The schedule and timetable of courses was developed in collaboration with the school. We wanted to make sure that we taught the most needed subjects across and that students would have access to all the courses they needed.

As a company with over 600 caring, talented tutors, we were able to draw upon an experienced pool of top tutors to run the courses. Our tutors are all trained and have a strong support system, but extra training was provided on how to tailor their teaching for these courses. We gave them strategies for teaching in a classroom setting, and kept their focus on teaching in an interactive way.

One of the key parts of our Exam Revision Program was creating great take-home resources the students could use! Under the leadership of a team of senior tutors, a team of experienced tutors lovingly created coursebooks for both the NCEA and Cambridge curriculums. Our workbooks break down exams by assessment and topic, and give plenty of practice questions for students and tutors to go through together on the day.

On the first day of each course, we had students fill out introductory surveys to gauge their current academic level, confidence level and areas where they felt they needed to improve on.

Depending on the survey, the tutor either started from the ground up, or focused on high-level concepts if the class already had a good understanding of the basics.

When taking students through the workbook, tutors left plenty of space for students to ask questions and have discussions. Tutors actively worked to make learning an active and interactive experience.

On the last day of the course, our tutors always finished up by giving students their own personal tips on exam preparation, how to spend their limited exam time, and the best ways to study for that particular subject.


It was really exciting when when it came time to collect up the anonymous feedback forms at the end of each course.

For our tutors, exhausted after long days of teaching, it was a joy to read comments like:

“For the first time I can understand and complete Merit/Excellence questions”

“The coursebook is amazing. The amount and quality of revision material was informative and helpful”

“A really good overview and recap of what you need to know. I learnt things everyday in-depth“

“It was a comfortable environment, and I manged to learn a lot and increase my confidence”

On average across the four schools, students rated their confidence level as between 2.2 out of 5 at the beginning of the course. At the end of the course, the average had increased to 3.6 (an increase of 64%), and this was before they had even gotten a chance to study and apply the techniques that they had learned!

This matched very closely with what all our tutors and supervisors had felt at the end of each day - a sense of pride at how much their students had learned and grown in such a short but intense period of time.

Our Experience

  • 200+ Courses held at our partner schools
  • 700 current active tutors in our team
  • 2000+ students serviced by our holiday programmes
  • 100,000+ hours of private tutoring provided to students

Working with us

Our pricing structure is tailored to each school and their requirements. We have pricing options for both student-funded as well as school-funded.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us below. We would love to work with you to help set up students for success.


Roy Lin | Managing Director