A message from Jimmy and Roy, the people behind the vision

We believe that no student should have to face their challenges alone
Co-founders Roy and Jimmy

Looking back at our time in school, we were frustrated at how much time we wasted.

We both excelled in our studies, completing engineering degrees with first class honours. However, we always felt like we could have accomplished so much more.

If only there was an older version of ourselves that we could talk to, someone that truly understood what we were going through, we would have been able to learn and grow faster.

From our own experiences tutoring dozens of students, we saw firsthand the amazing impact that the right mentor can make. We were proud to see our students become who they were meant to be.

We want every student to have that same opportunity.

We started off in 2014 and since then have helped over 6,000+ students achieve their goals. We're expanding our experience, philosophy, and passion so we can impact even more students.

This is our team

We're a company that's out to make an impact in the world. Every day, we strive to become better versions of ourselves, and to help others to do the same.

We're proud of the team and the culture that we've built, and we're energised to come in to the office each day to work towards our mission.



Nicola comes from a Sales & Administration background. At MyTuition, Nicola facilitates the connection between students and tutors and her love for helping others means she is able to provide that extra support to help students achieve their full potential.

Outside of MyTuition, Nicola spends her time being a parent and enjoys taking her son along with their Husky on waterfall adventures.



Nick is in his fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Engineering Science (Honours). Originally from Hawkes’ Bay, NZ, he began as a tutor during his first year at university.

After three years of teaching Maths and Physics he became a Team Lead to get involved with the tutor community and to get a chance to spend more time with people and less time staring at computer screen trying to solve Engineering problems…

In his spare time (of which there is very little), he likes to play music on the saxophone or the cello or sit down and play a friendly board game.



Cindy is a current Part 3 Mechanical Engineering (a.k.a a highly sophisticated and functional form of arts and crafts) student at university who hopes to become a product development engineer.

In addition to her current roles as a Part 2 Assistance Peer Mentor at university and a physics tutor at MyTuition, Cindy is excited about being a Team Lead where she can continue to share her joy of helping others and creating a nurturing learning environment.

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys baking, playing bass and helping the university Formula SAE's team in building their electric race car.



Yuhka is in her 4th year of Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours), majoring in Chemistry at university.

She joined the MyTuition team as a Physics and Chemistry tutor. Now as a Team Lead, she is excited to support the tutor community and share her passion for tutoring that can extend beyond the student achieving academic goals.

In her spare time, Yuhka enjoys sketching and (recreational) singing.



Originally from Orewa, Euan is a recent graduate majoring in economics and mathematics who joined MyTuition in 2018. In 2022 Euan moved to Sydney, Australia.

Euan is passionate about instilling curiosity and self-driven learning into students. Euan has experience working with students of all abilities and believes strongly in adapting the style of learning to fit every student.

In his free time, Euan is a keen musician playing jazz and folk music.



Phoebe is in her fifth year of studying for a Bachelor Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at university.

She joined MyTuition as a Maths and Science tutor and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals through care and support.

As a Team Lead, she wants to foster a collaborative and interactive tutor environment.In her free time, Phoebe enjoys playing badminton and bouldering.



Sam is currently in his final year of bachelor of surgery and bachelor of medicine. He is training at a hospital.

Having started out at MyTuition as a tutor, Sam was motivated to support his students and learn from his peers in an effort to achieve growth academically and personally.

Now, as Tutor Team lead, he is passionate in helping new tutors with their journeys of self discovery.



Gunjan is currently studying a conjoint LLB/Bcom degree at university.

At Mytuition, Gunjan started off as a tutor, sharing her knowledge with students. Helping them become confident learners was something she found truly rewarding. She now works as a team lead supporting our tutors build the same experiences with their students.

Gunjan has busy schedule, but between work and study, she always manages to find time for her various hobbies and interests, her favourite being travelling. You'd think that this would make her better at managing her time, but unfortunately there just isn't enough hours in the day...



Lawrence is currently in his final year studying a Masters in Psychology at university.

He joined MyTuition as a Chemistry (and occasional Geography) tutor back in 2018. He was a Team Lead in 2019-2020 before moving into his current role as Tutor Support Manager. He is motivated to develop initiatives to better support tutors and help prepare them to have the best possible lessons with their students.

In his spare time, he loves playing and watching sport.



Wendy’s first job out of high school was as a tutor with MyTuition. As an English tutor, Wendy loves to listen to and help develop her students’ ideas and thinking skills. She focuses on teaching techniques that are useful both in exams and beyond the classroom.

As Tutor Operations Manager, Wendy’s primary goal is to ensure MyTuition has a good supply of friendly and knowledgeable tutors in the wide range of areas where students need our help.

Outside MyTuition, Wendy studies architecture and urban design and takes a lot of photos of food.



Kahn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology), and then a Masters of Health Psychology. He is currently studying a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at university, where he is training to become a registered clinical psychologist.

Having started out at MyTuition as a tutor, Kahn has tutored and supported students for many years, helping them to achieve both academic and personal goals. Now, as Head of Quality, he ensures that the quality of our tutoring service, is tailored to, and effective for each student.

He is passionate about psychological wellbeing and understanding each person's unique needs to help them achieve their goals, and live meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Often being asked if he can read minds, Kahn will admit that he can’t. However, what he can do is listen.



Roy is fluent in 25 different programming languages that nobody else can understand; naturally he graduated from University with a degree in Software Engineering (first class honours).

As an IT genius, he spends his time building great software for MyTuition as well as working part time at Datacom, an internationally owned software development company.

After spending an extraordinary amount of time trying to come up with a witty closing line that non-tech people can understand, Roy gave up and is using this sentence instead.



Jimmy graduated from University with a Civil Engineering degree (first class honours), and originally worked as a structural engineer at Parsons Brinckerhoff. Wanting to make more of an impact in the world, he left the company to found MyTuition where he could better use his skills and his passions.

He's passionate about building amazing teams to tackle difficult problems that will help make the world a better place.

To the dismay of his parents, Jimmy refuses to consider returning to his prestigious engineering job and insists on focusing all his energy into improving and growing MyTuition.

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